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We extend the warranty

The largest number of coatings in Poland with a written warranty for at least 45 years.

Already, every customer buying Blachotrapez products has a choice of up to 6 coatings with a written warranty exceeding 45 years. This is a response to customer needs and consistent implementation of product development strategies, as well as a sensation on the domestic market, because coatings covered by warranty increase have unique and proprietary formulas on a European scale.

The increased warranty period covers also premium class coatings. This focuses all customers regardless of their resources.

We want to support consumers even more in times of clear needs and specific expectations. Most companies constantly measure product quality with price. However, I am closer to the concept expressed by Jeff Bezos — as in I am more concerned about competitors who can provide a better experience for the customer than the ones who offer prices even lower by 5%. We accomplish it in front of our contractors. We extend their experience for many years, guaranteeing reliability, new possibilities of our products, and developing existing ones.

Rafał Michalski, President of the Board for Blachotrapez

Pladur® Wrinkle Mat Plus

60 years

Pladur® Relief IceCrystal

55 years

Pladur® Relief Textured Wood

55 years

Superior HB

55 years

Pladur Wrinkle Mat

45 years

Polyester MAT AM

25 years


The largest sales network and own transport

We have been building a leading position
in the industry for almost 50 years.

Blachotrapez reaches higher and further. We have been building a leading position in the industry for almost 50 years and continue to improve both products and our production processes. However, we know that the product itself is not everything. Based on the adopted expansion policy, we are regularly broaden our sales network in Poland and throughout Europe. Currently, we have 150 our own Polish sales branches, while in Europe we established 209 active outlets.

Believe us, we have not said our last word in terms of expanding our company.


points of sale


technical advisers


fleet cars


manufacturing plants

The constant growth of emerging sales outlets and customer service points are not the only components symbolising the company’s continuous development. Along with them, we also increase our capacity. This is confirmed by four production plants in which we manufacture our unique products in accordance with the highest quality standards. In addition, wanting to provide professional service — from production to delivery — the company is constantly increasing the financial outlays on its own fleet. We currently own 400 cars that will deliver orders to anywhere in Poland.

Blachotrapez also has 300 highly qualified technical advisers, whose product knowledge and experience in the industry allow to best match the sales offer to the clients’ expectations.


60 years of written warranty

Quality built on
solid foundations.

Pladur®Wrinkle Mat Plus is a technology patented by ThyssenKrupp — one of the largest steel producers in the world. Blachotrapez will be the only supplier of this innovative solution in the country — it is the result of many years of cooperation with a global giant. Pladur®Wrinkle Mat Plus coating will be available in all Blachotrapez products — metal roofing sheets, roof panels, and trapezoidal sheets.

Customers who choose it will get the premium version of the roofing material with a 60-year warranty.

Effect confirmed by quality

Qualified staff

Reliable and improved raw material

Products made of Pladur®Wrinkle Mat Plus coating are famous for their extraordinary durability, strength, and level of safety. The highest standard is ensured by the increased content of zinc and magnesium in the coating. In addition, standard coatings are 25 to 30 μm thick on average, while Pladur®Wrinkle Mat Plus is up to 50 μm. Surface refinement of products translates into a much higher level of roof protection, extends its service life, and provides the most effective corrosion protection, as well as unchanging colour of the roof surface for many years. Pladur®Wrinkle Mat Plus is ranked highly on the market as a prestigious and unique coating.

The quality and originality of Pladur®Wrinkle Mat Plus, which ensures the highest level of roof protection and exceptional durability of the covering, is confirmed by a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty certificate. The product covered with the new premium coating is reliable and trouble-free for at least half a century.


Safe Profiling System (SPS)

Our innovative raw material profiling technology.

Innovation is the result of many factors — a unique idea, many years of research, and the highest quality materials. The Blachotrapez offer has for many years been an example of innovation supported by the knowledge of specialists, which fully responds to the changing needs and expectations of customers.



Higher quality

thanks to an innovative profiling system


resulting from many
years of research


in all climatic conditions

An example of our unique technological thought is our proprietary Safe Profiling System (SPS). Based on raw material of reliable quality supplied by a steel mill of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe, we profile the steel material under optimal climatic conditions, regardless of the ambient temperature, which affects its yielding.

The use of an innovative profiling system also has a positive effect on increasing the durability of the material and increases resistance to harmful external factors, e.g. corrosion or mechanical damage. SPS is a worldwide unique technology, which has been confirmed on the Polish market by Patent No. 224142 at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

We are part of the Blachotrapez Group
Grupa Blachotrapez
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