educates roofers

Both in Poland and Europe, all kinds of specialists are at a premium. Roofing companies are particularly struggling with a shortage of people. This is why, we work hard and support various initiatives so that roofing experts can transfer their knowledge to other roofers, as well as young adepts who want to become professionals in this line of work.

According to the Polish Association of Roofers, 80% of roofing companies report a need for roofers.

Therefore, why we run regular, cyclical training aimed at raising the qualifications of professionals, as well as partners and the employees of our company.

Thanks to courses for roofers, specialists can learn about Blachotrapez products, practice their professional assembly under the guidance of an instructor, and exchange knowledge and experience, as well as learn about new trends and technologies in construction. It is extremely important to us that our clients can use the services of specialised professionals.

The courses are carried out in two ways: at the stationary Training Centre in Ponice and through the mobile Training Centre.

Roofers interested in training can contact our company’s regional manager and gather a group of people willing to take a course. Our company sends a specially prepared car, equipped with the necessary tools and materials for professional training.

Educating youth in roofing classes

Together with local branches of the Polish Association of Roofers, we open roofing classes in many cities in Poland. There is a shortage of qualified specialists in various fields on the labour market, but this particularly affects professionals from the construction industry, including roofers.

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