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New! Symmetrical, flat ESTIMA metal roof tile

Date added: 16.03.2020

Modern products should, above all, make life easier for customers. Do not overwhelm them, but respond to their needs and expectations.

Out of respect for innovation

Modern products should, above all, make life easier for customers. Do not overwhelm them, but respond to their needs and expectations. This sense of innovation led us to design ESTIMA metal roof tiles. It was manufactured from materials that guarantee quality, safety, and comfort. As it is available in various coating and colour configurations, no wonder it became the first element chosen when personalizing a house. When seeing ESTIMA, most people get an instant impression of reliability. This design is arouses respect.

Innovative technology

ESTIMA is a symmetrical flat roof tile, which thanks to the patented Safe Profiling System (SPS) has obtained very good technical parameters.  The rib height is 35 mm and the module length is 350 mm. Thanks to this design, these roof tiles are extremely rigid and create an interesting form.

Design that gives a sense of security

ESTIMA creates a compact, extremely decorative structure on the roof surface, reminiscent of a net - reliable, and at the same time, The pattern fits very well in both simple and more complex roof constructions. ESTIMA complements many façade solutions, creating a unique aesthetic experience.

A modern way to personalise your home

The ESTIMA metal roof tile has been designed with an equivalent consideration of its protective and aesthetic properties. As a result, it is available in many colours and coatings, which translates into more configuration possibilities. Regardless of the colour or structure of the façade, ESTIMA is the element that distinguishes and complements a building.

We respect suppliers

What distinguishes Blachotrapez is its cooperation with trusted international partners. For many years, they have been providing us with compatible charge materials that lead to the best quality and warranty of our products. Depending on the choice of protective coating, the manufacturer gives the product a warranty of up to 60 years.

Quality makes life easier

The materials used for the production of ESTIMA metal roof tiles ensure durability and protection of the house roofing against adverse weather conditions: rain, snow, or wind.

Out of respect for roofers

ESTIMA is another proof of the relentless pursuit of our company to constantly meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The modular availability guarantees efficient transport and even more convenient assembly. Carefully selected materials and production technologies ensure unrivalled warranty conditions. The ribbing system and the exceptional rigidity of the modules translate into excellent roof performance in all weather conditions. The unique, dense, almost ornamental pattern is a promise of an unforgettable effect that will remain in the memory of the contractor, customer, and neighbours for a long time.



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