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New under ridge board and straight-cut rails

Date added: 01.06.2020

The new system of under ridge boards will replace all previously available Blachotrapez's offer.

New under ridge boards

New under ridge boards are equipped with openings enabling the ventilation air to flow freely, as well as evaporation of moisture in the roofs. Three new boards are 18, 23 or 36 mm high. The remaining dimensions are fixed: the width is 65 mm and the length is 2 m. The 18 mm under ridge board is dedicated to Janosik and Tysenia, while the 23 mm and 36 mm board is dedicated to the Retro Panel. Boards are available in 6 popular colours with a matt finish (3009, 7016, 8004, 8017, 8019, 9005).

The new board profile will be widely used in roofing work on various types of roofs. Thus, we can easily match them to any chosen roofing from the Blachotrapez range.

Listwa podgąsiorowa 18 mm.

Listwa podgąsiorowa 23 mm.

Listwa podgąsiorowa 36 mm.

Straight-cut rails

The offer also includes rails with the option of straight cutting. Thanks to this solution, their application possibilities are unlimited and thus the installation system itself is easy and fast.

Sztachety z opcją cięcia prostego.

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