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New! Warranty up to 60 years and new ALUMINUM raw material!

Date added: 18.02.2020

Lightweight, resistant, durable – ideal for roofs

Aluminium from the Norwegian HYDRO steelworks in the BLACHOTRAPEZ offer

The Blachotrapez Group has started strategic cooperation with the Norwegian Hydro Aluminium steelworks. Some models of metal roof tiles, roof panels, and roofing sheets offered by the company are already available in two versions - STUCCO and MAT. Products manufactured from the raw material coming from the Hydro steelworks will be covered by a 60-year written warranty. At the same time, the company extends its warranty for 6 PREMIUM coatings.

Aluminium with new coatings

STUCCO has an interesting structure similar to an orange peel. Its distinctive feature are silencing properties. On the other hand, the second coating - coarse-grained MAT with porous texture - is extremely scratch resistant. It perfectly fits the needs of modern construction, where the impression of depth created by the matte coating is combined with high technical values and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Both designs are an interesting puzzle piece to the rich offer, which already includes wooden shingle imitations or frozen ice efflorescence.

Three times lighter than steel

Roofing made of aluminium allows you to save on construction and material costs. Thanks to their weight, they are perfect for carrying out light roof constructions. Interestingly, aluminium has a double nature - it is not only light and plastic, but also durable. Aluminium roofing is ideal for all weather conditions.

Natural reconstruction

The aluminium alloys we use have a unique defence mechanism - surfaces cut in reaction with oxygen automatically cover with a thin passivation layer, which prevents further oxidation. Aluminium is a fully environmental-friendly raw material - it can be 100% recycled and will not lose its original properties during this process.

We are extending warranties!

Thanks to long-term research, investments in modern technological lines, and concern for improving the product offer, we have developed new, longer warranties have been developed for most of the raw materials supplied to us. Extending the warranty on PREMIUM class products is also the result of a consistent pursuit of excellence. For decades, Blachotrapez has been distinguished by the high quality of its products. We have achieved it thanks to modern research and technological solutions. Thus, our customers gain roofing and façade coverings that are characterised by extraordinary strength and durability up to 60 years!

Nowe okresy gwarancyjne obejmują następujące powłoki:

  • Pladur Wrinkle Mat Plus - 60 lat
  • Pladur Relief IceCrystal - 55 lat
  • Pladur Relief Texture Wood - 55 lat
  • Superior HB - 55 lat
  • Pladur Wrinkle Mat -45 lat
  • Poliester MAT AM - 25 lat

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