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Blachotrapez fastening systems

Our offer includes self-drilling screws with EPDM washers made in zinc coating for fixing steel sheets, roof tiles and flashings to wooden substructure.

The farmer-type screws are painted according to RAL range and is available in various lengths and available with TORX socket. For fixing to the steel structure we have self-drilling screws with an increased drilling capacity of up to 12 mm, also made in zinc coating with EPDM washer, available in different sizes and colours. For fixing of aluminium sheets we have aluminium farmer screws and stainless steel farmer screws with TORX socket. In addition, we also have self-drilling and self-tapping screws for the assembly of panel sheets and lacquered fillister head self-drilling screws for mounting rails. For the assembly of shingle-like metal sheets and stone coated steel roof tiles we offer nails and nail-screws for gas nailers. For structural joints of wooden elements, i.a solid, glued and wood-based panels, we have a wide range of washer head carpentry screws with TORX sockets.

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