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Fencing systems GARD

We create a complete fence system for your house!

Make your home stand out with a consistent colour scheme and complete your surroundings! Exceptional, timeless aesthetics of the GARD fence will perfectly fit into various architectural styles. Coated steel from leading European steel mills will provide you with an unchanging colour for many years and durability for generations. 

GARD fence systems will be available in 4 of the most fashionable colours on the market:

  • golden oak 3D,
  • walnut,
  • graphite (MAT 7016),
  • black (MAT 9005).

Thanks to that, you can perfectly match the fence to the colour scheme of the roofing.

Fence systems that give you a feeling of security

Fence systems under the Gard brand are made with attention to every detail. Gard fence systems from Blachotrapez are first and foremost a combination of high quality and unique design. Gard fence systems are made to satisfy every customer - a wide range of patterns is a guarantee that everyone will find something for themselves. The fencing system combines gates, wickets, posts and many other elements, which can be combined with any type of plot. The assembly of the fence is very simple, yet the fence provides the highest safety. Blachotrapez has designed two types of fences, which are assembled differently. Mainly due to conditions on the property. Our offer includes double-leaf gates and also a sliding gate, which is much more comfortable due to its self-supporting structure. The gate can be equipped with photocells, safety bars and a signal lamp. The gate drive is hidden in the post, which is a guarantee of safety and easy access in case of failure.

Systemy ogrodzeniowe

Advantages of modern fence systems

First of all, the biggest advantage of modern fence systems is automation. Unlike the systems used so far, you do not have to leave your car to open the gate - it is enough to press just one button on a dedicated remote control. The newest fence systems are resistant to harmful effects of humidity. The use of the highest quality steel and its physical, mechanical and technological properties allows to obtain fences, stability and durability of which is at a very good level. It is worth mentioning that the fence systems are resistant to harmful effects of sunlight, and more specifically to tendency of colours to fade.

Fence systems from the Gard line are primarily a choice for many years, as they will withstand anything - even changing weather conditions. All this is confirmed by a ten-year anti-corrosion warranty for steel elements of the fence. What is also important, GARD fence systems perfectly blend in with different architectural styles of the building. They are beautiful and timeless.

It is worth mentioning that modern design is one of the advantages of fences under the Gard brand. The fence systems are designed so that every customer could find a design that suits them. Modern fences are not only high quality workmanship, but also high class design.

Fence sets made of metal sheet

Gard fence sets are high quality fences that in addition to good durability boast an original and well-thought-out design that ensures very easy installation as well as comfortable gate operation. The Gard fence set is a combination of very well planned elements that make up the whole set. The set includes a durable fence made of posts and rails and an automatic gate. Designing a complete fence set is not difficult, especially if we choose something from the Blachotrapez offer.

The fencing systems can be easily adjusted to the size of any property and also to the shape of the terrain. The fences have been designed to fit any kind of plot, regardless of the architectural style of the building. If you are planning to replace an old fence, it is worth to use the Gard products. Why? Gard products are easy to install, and their unique design will refresh the appearance of the entire property. Replacing a gate, wicket or letterbox is a very easy task and any professional can handle it. Choosing a garden set from Blachotrapez is the bull’s eye!

Blaszane zestawy ogrodzeniowe

Fence system vs. panel fence

Before commencing modernisation it is worth to think first of all about the type of your new fence. Panel fence is one of the most economical solutions, which undoubtedly may influence your decision during purchase. However, before you decide on panel fence, it is worth comparing both types. Fence panels are undoubtedly easier to install, which for some will also be a big advantage. Nevertheless, such fences have their disadvantages. One of these is design, which is not innovative. Such a fence in itself is aesthetically unattractive, but you can draw the attention away from the unaesthetic appearance by planting trees and shrubs. Another disadvantage of this type of fences is its construction, and more specifically the lack of automation. Panel fencing does not belong to the group of fences, which are "saturated" with electronics; therefore it rarely happens that they have a built-in system for opening and closing wickets or gates. Usually it is necessary to install everything, which generates additional costs. A fence system is above all more comfortable and more pleasing to the eye.

Manufacturer of fence systems Blachotrapez

Blachotrapez fence sets are a reasonable choice for years. High quality workmanship goes hand in hand with an affordable price. It is worth noting that Blachotrapez products are also ideal for modernising old fences. Fence elements such as spans may be purchased separately and one of our advisers may help in designing the garden. What is important, the installation of elements in place of an old fence is not a difficult task either. Why? When buying Blachotrapez fencing elements, you receive assembly elements together with them, which may prove very helpful when replacing the old fencing in part or in whole. The design of our fencing systems or its elements is very attractive and may catch your attention. Gard fencing systems are available in four most fashionable colours you can currently find on the market: golden oak 3D, walnut, graphite (MAT 7016) and black (MAT 9005). It is worth noting that our products are highly resistant to UV rays, so you can be sure that the fence elements will not fade over time.

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