Technology inspired by craftsmanship

Technological innovation in every aspect allows you to fulfil your desires and needs. The HIGH-TECH Panel is the best proof of this. This is the effect of cutting-edge cooperation between roofers, market leaders, and Blachotrapez experts. This redefines the shape of a roof panel with standing seam assembly. This is the most advanced technology available on the market – it meets the expectations of roofers, architects, and investors carrying out bold future projects.

Balance of profiling methods

Thanks to the analysis and implementation of the best profiling solutions, a unique shape and HIGH-TECH snap lock equipped with revolutionary details have been designed.

The best sort of material

The global Thyssenkrupp steelworks has been one of the raw material suppliers for Blachotrapez products for over 20 years. The HIGH-TECH Panel uses steel of the highest quality. The HIGH-TECH Panel is available in 4 Pladur® coatings, which not only intensify modern aesthetics, but above all allow us to offer the best warranty on the market.

Technical details

Total width

ca. 528 mm

Actual roofing width

488 mm

Finished product thickness - steel

0,5 mm

Recommended length

max 8 mb

Seam height

32 mm

“Click” height

27 mm

3D presentation
01 / 04

Improved pattern functionality


Improved pattern functionality

An external snap lock with a special profile and optimised height makes assembly easier.

Its design minimizes sheet stress. This is the latest click technology available on the market. Additionally, a special lift at the locks ensures even adhesion of the flat surface of the panel to the surface and reduces waving.

Colours and input material

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