JANOSIK metal shingle is our newest product proposition. It is an innovative commodity, one of a kind and with a unique design.

The starting point for the designers was the original pattern of wooden shingle - traditional coating, a permanent fixture in the architectural space of the Podhale region, which can also be encountered in other regions of Poland. The fruit of the works was the JANOSIK metal shingle, distinguished by the highest quality and its unusual regional character. Its shape, texture and composition do not differ from the original, being an accurate reflection of the wooden shingle.

Technical details

Total width

~1222 mm

Real roofing width

1180 mm

Profile height

6 mm

Finished product thickness - steel

0,5 mm

Rib tile deflection height

35 mm

Roof tile module length

380 mm

Number of modules per square metre


3D presentation

Traditional wooden look
in a steel form

A new look at tradition


A new look at tradition

The presented metal shingles are characterised, besides the exceptional appearance, by low maintenance costs.

The durability of the roof covered with this material matches the lifespan of ceramic roof tiles. Our JANOSIK metal shingle fits perfectly into the original style of the Zakopane region and the concepts of modern architecture. It contributes to the aesthetic value of the roof by harmonising excellently with its surroundings and their composition. The lightness and functionality of the shingle-like metal roof tile  undeniably add to its decorative quality and overall appeal.

Colours and input material

This coating has

up to 55 years warranty

Pladur® Relief Textured Wood

Sheets with a proprietary wood structure, 3-layer coating system, and coating thickness of min. 36 microns. The sheets meet the requirements of class A2 in accordance with Commission Decision 96/603/EC in fire protection, and can be used in corrosivity category C4 in accordance with EN ISO 12944-2.

WOOD TK 9005 texture:


Available colours

The colors shown are for illustration only and may differ from the real ones. This is due to the variety of available computer hardware and its individual settings, in particular the settings of the monitor and graphics card.


Grubość powłoki
strona A


na perforację

Gwarancja na rozwarstwianie
powłok lakierniczych

Pladur® Relief Textured Wood 36 µm C4 55 years for the C1-C3 environmental classification
35 years for the C4 environmental classification
20 years

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