As we care for the comprehensiveness of our offer, we have a large selection of gutter systems

We offer high quality products, as well as a comprehensive range of elements necessary for the aesthetic finish of the roof, such as: roof gutters, downpipes, tank reductions, external and internal corners, elbows, clamps, fittings, and bottoms.

Modern gutter systems

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KROP steel and PVC gutter systems


KROP steel and PVC gutter systems

Our offer includes both steel, galvanized steel, and plastic PVC gutters available in many colours and sizes, thanks to which you can adjust the selected system to the roofing or building style.

Modern production technologies ensure high resistance to weather conditions, thanks to which the colour does not fade and does not lose its gloss. Roof gutters from the Blachotrapez offer are resistant to mechanical damage, stretching, bending, and corrosion. They are characterised by trouble-free assembly, which is confirmed by numerous contractors.