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WIROVENT EVO vent stacks

Proper ventilation of your building

The building ventilation is one of the key issues associated with the construction of the house. Maintaining proper air circulation affects the housing and health conditions in the household. 

Our offer includes Wirplast WIROVENT EVO vent stacks: insulated, non-insulated and rotary, available in different colors.

The WIROVENT EVO vent stacks are a system built entirely from the ground up, which, thanks to the experience and the work of our engineers, has been equipped with the following functionalities:

  • extended condensate discharge,
  • built-in level for easy levelling,
  • hidden fastening bolts,
  • universal connector,
  • side buttons facilitating removal of the head during ventilation duct service,
  • additional air inlets.

Vent stack types

Two sizes of stack diameters guarantee perfect fit

  • 125 mm,
  • 150 mm.

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