Metal roofing tiles

Metal roofing tiles are the most commonly used roofing in residential, religious, and public buildings.

The fully automated production process enables cutting sheet metal to the desired length, thus enabling the production of the most unusual orders, while reducing the amount of waste.

Blachotrapez offers various colours of roofing sheets with polyester coating, Pladur® Eco Protect ThyssenKrupp, aluminium, and Colorcoat HPS2000® Ultra. The main advantage of metal roofing tiles is its exceptional lightness. The weight of a single sq. metre of sheet metal is approx. 4.5 kg (ca. 10 pounds). Weight is a key factor that eliminates traditional tiling as for flat roof constructions. Light roofing does not overburden and does not affect the structure of the entire building, which is particularly economically important in both the construction of houses and the replacement of roofing during renovation. Blachotrapez products easily undergo plastic forming, which makes assembling this type of roofing quick and easy.

Using metal roofing tiles

The product is characterised by extraordinary versatility. It can be used for any type of steep roof construction. Steel roofing sheet is made of galvanised steel sheet. Its extremely high quality guarantees it will last for many years in excellent technical and visual condition. The advantage of steel roofing tile over traditional one is primarily its weight, but also the fact that it is much easier to clean and requires no renovation.

Innovative designs help to highlight the appearance of a building. We offer a wide selection of metal roofing tiles of various shapes and profiles.

An additional advantage of our products is their wide colour palette that will allow you to match the colour of the steel roofing sheet to each building. In addition to the standard colours from the RAL palette, we have additional options containing a unique, e.g. matt structure. All colours are applied in many layers, including protective and decorative layers. This results in amazing durability. The warranty on our roof tiles covers a period of up to 60 years, which proves their high quality.

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