Roof accessories

The wide range of Blachotrapez products also includes components necessary for the proper functioning of the roof.

They ensure that the insulation and ventilation of the roof slope is optimal and enables further assembly work. You will find here a wide range of products that increase the strength and tightness of roofing, protect against weather conditions and various types of damage.

As part of this category, Blachotrapez offers, among others sealing systems, fixing system e.g. farmer and self-drilling screws, ridge tapes, roofing adhesives, roofing foils, roofing membranes, and ventilation stacks. Additionally, the offer is complemented by roof windows with a set for their assembly (sealing flanges, door handles, angle brackets, etc.), and gutter systems from trusted manufacturers. The roof accessories offered by us are not always visible roof components, but their function is crucial in terms of safety and tightness of complete roof systems.

Professional and reliable roofing finish

We strive not only to offer the highest quality products, we also want to ensure the comprehensive nature of the offer. For this reason, we manufacture solutions that are intended for finishing roofing materials. Blachotrapez offers the necessary roof accessories to enable its comprehensive finishing in one place. A detailed offer of components from renowned manufacturers guarantees the highest quality of systems and solutions dedicated to roofers. We make sure that all necessary accessories for the comprehensive roof finishing are aesthetically made, functional, and above all ensure safety in use. The materials proposed in the offer have been selected with a view to maximise the comfort in using each type of roof. We guarantee the availability and attractive prices of all products.

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