Roof and facade panels with standing seam

Roof or facade panels with a latch lock are traditional in their appearance, but modern in their form.

These products are recommended mainly for roofing buildings in urban conservation areas and objects of worships, as well as newly built apartment buildings, modern single-family residences, and public facilities.

Depending on the planned effect, you can emphasise the traditional style of a building, or accentuate its innovative character. Classics in a changed design, straightforward form, lightness and ease of assembly make standing seam panels very popular as architectural solutions for roofing and facade cladding. They are perfect for roofing with a low angle of inclination and creating a unique style. However, they may be also used for roofs with steep slopes.

Quick assembly of roof and facade panels requiring specialist knowledge

Panels with a snap seam are much better than other sheets thanks to the speed of their assembly. This advantage also allows the use of this type of roofing as facade panels, ensuring the original finish of the walls in a vertical and horizontal arrangement. Standing seam sheet with a specially designed snap lock allows for quick and reliable joining of panels without the need for additional joining elements, while maintaining high tightness. Furthermore, the location of the mounting holes along the seam means that the mounting screws are covered by the adjacent panel. For panel assembly, use mounting or self-drilling screws with a 4.2x25 mm head. Number of screws — 4 pcs/m2. The offered seam sheets allow to create a roof with high aesthetics without visible fastenings.

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