Company’s mission

Striving towards the highest quality, we overcome the highest challenges

We want to gain the recognition of our clients by offering them high quality products — roof and facade sheets, which are characterised by high quality, functionality, and modern design, as well as by providing services to meet their expectations.

Our vision is a company that is substantively and financially strong, has a well-established market position, and is able to undertake ever larger ventures both in Poland and in the European Union.

The goal of our activities is the effective sale of roofing and facade cladding, which is why we focus on quality and continuous development.

We believe that customer satisfaction is equal to the success of the company.

Over 50 years of activity, Blachotrapez has gone from a small, Polish, private enterprise to an international corporation.

The natural goal and direction of development is to expand our reach to further markets, but also to systematically strengthen our position, through expanding our portfolio, building new offer segments, or carrying out investments.

We are part of the Blachotrapez Group
Grupa Blachotrapez