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Complete roof on your site in 72 hours!

Date added: 30.04.2020

Production in the new plant in Bochnia has already started. This is the fourth such investment of the Blachotrapez Capital Group in Poland.  This plant plays a major role in the process of introducing quality management to a new level through the use of the Just In Time technique.

Specialised plant

With the launch of production in Bochnia, we provide a completely new service – EXPRESS DACH in 72 hours.  This is the first offer in the construction industry that allows to deliver all ordered components to the final customer's site.


It is a service that makes the processes of sales, orders, production and even those related to house building and coordination of the construction team more flexible. The benefits offered by the Blachotrapez Group will be reaped not only by roofers and end customers, but above all by partners in retail and wholesale chains.

1. Mixed pallet orders in 72 hours

The plant accepts orders that include all elements of the complete roofing. The materials necessary for the construction of the roof will be available at the construction site within 72 hours of the pre-paid order.

2. Professional, free delivery

2. Professional, free delivery

All shipments will be delivered by a forwarding company equipped with a fleet of cars with a so-called lift. Unloading will be carried out each time by the driver. This is an additional time-saving both for the customer and the construction team. Deliveries are free. 

3. Full truck sale

In addition, we are introducing the possibility of making full truck orders in the „truck” and „half truck” sizes for the wholesale chain. They are available at any time and are covered by a very attractive price offer.
The EXPRESS DACH 72h offer provides full comfort. Complaints about products damaged during transport can be reported directly to the courier or online.

Contact your nearest Blachotrapez point of sale and use our latest service!

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