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Hygienic Certificate

We have a valid Hygienic Certificate No. B-BK-60211-1315/19 for trapezoidal, flat, tile, roof, and facade panels, as well as flashing components containing galvanised steel sheet and polyester coating.

The certificate refers to products intended for use for roofing and  external and internal wall (facade) cladding, including ceilings and soffits in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and recommendations, as well as applicable building standards and regulations.*

Hygienic Certificate is issued by the National Institute of Public Health — National Institute of Hygiene — Department of Environmental Health and Safety, on 9th March 2020.

If it is necessary to place a copy of it in the tender documentation or at the explicit request of another institution or a third party in the form of an individual customer, please send an e-mail to the address: or contact the sales point.

* The certificate does not apply to products in contact with the interior of the rooms.

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