Classic look and modern form

Standing seam roof panels is a solution drawing on the traditional roofing method "on the rabbet”, in which tongue-and-groove panels are fitted together. The need for innovation lead Blachotrapez to design the product in such a way that it features a number of improvements - a Retro roof panel with a standing seam. Functionality, speed, and simplicity of assembly were combined with the unique appearance of the product that meets the best standards of aesthetics.

Technical details

Total width

ca. 315 / ~529 mm

Actual roofing width

284 / 498 mm

Finished product thickness - steel

0,5 mm

Finished product thickness - aluminium

0,6 mm

Minimum sheet length

1400 mm

Recommended length

max 8 mb

Seam height

38 mm

“Click” height

19 mm

3D presentation

The roof panel, due to its universal nature and wide range of applications, has been enjoying great popularity in construction for years.

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We focused on elegant design, durability, and economy.


We focused on elegant design, durability, and economy.

The combination of these features in a single product creates many possibilities for shaping of the image of the surface of the roof.

Depending on the desired effect, you can highlight the traditional style of a building or stress its modern character. Their traditional and minimalist image, along with their simple form, produce the result in which the RETRO roof panel is the ideal choice both for renovation of historic buildings and modern building construction, as well as religious and public utility buildings. Contemporary architecture makes a twofold use of it: it can fulfil the role of a roofing, but it can also constitute an original finish of the façade, either in the horizontal or vertical orientation.

Colours and input material

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